Monday, 30 January 2012

Facebook Timeline and Your Cover Image

Facebook Timeline is going to be introduced to all users in the coming weeks whether we like it or not. Many have already been using Timeline since the end of last year. I resisted the change until the weekend, when I switched to the new format. If you're not sure how to do that, then click here.

The new format allows a much larger cover image to be displayed on your wall, and this is where I had a bit of fun. Using Big Huge Labs' Mosaic Maker, I selected the number of rows and columns (either 3 x 7 or 3 x 6 will work) and then chose images straight from my flickr account.  There are several ways you can add images via flickr and they're spelled out in the Mosaic Maker page. Once you're happy with your selection simply save it to your computer and then you're ready to upload it to Facebook. You can change your cover image any time and Facebook saves your cover images in their own folder within your images.

Of course there are other more creative ways to display the front cover image but I found this way to be quick, easy and didn't involve having to allow other applications access to my Facebook account.

Embrace the change. Whinging about the new format isn't going to bring back the old. Go get creative with your cover image!
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